The Art And Science Of Building, Leveraging And Monetizing Influence In Life And At The Marketplace

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... Stop diverting your focus and consistently chasing the next shiny potentially viable economic object. Instead own your genius. Become a Tribemaster. Launch a movement and build a tribe around an idea or message you love and are passionate about. Once you are a Tribemaster, you earn more, enjoy more recognition, have more fun and get a chance to make a real difference. - Victor Ekpo Bassey

Most entrepreneurs running small businesses don't understand this and so as a result they keep hoping from one thing to the next looking for that big break that will potentially change their lives and radically uplevel the quality of results that they've been producing.

They typically invest in everything except the one thing that actually makes the difference: Their Influence In The Marketplace

The Community Mastery Method is a five part framework that empowers today's entreprenuer with the mindset, strategies and skills that they need to create high levels of influence in the market place, leverage it to attract the very best opportunities in their field and ultimately monetize it to produce multiple streams of consistent cashflow and monthly recurring income.

In this first issue of "tribemasters" you learn how to apply the community mastery method to your life and business to radically explode your sales, audience and opportunities.

About Victor Ekpo Bassey, Creator Of The Community Mastery Method

Fondly referred to as The Chief Tribemaster (CTM) Victor Ekpo Bassey is a worldclass Performance Consultant and Master Practioner of NLP.

For 20+ years, He has been in the trenches researching the dynamics and structure of influence and working with some of the most influential entrepreneurs, corporate leaders, and thought leaders across Africa, The United Kingdom and The United States of America to help them create, leverage and monetize their influence.

Victor has served as strategic adviser to 3 African Presidents and has been instrumental helping these leaders make quality decisions that made a positive difference in the lives of millions of Africans.

In addition to the Community Mastery Method, Victor is also the creator of The Rapid Results Engineering System - a revolutionary system of tools for helping high performance entrepreneurs rapidly up level the quality of results that they habitually create in life and at the market place.

 Victor is married to Vivian - one of the smartest and sexiest woman on earth, has three amazing daughters and currently holds the record as perhaps the worst tamborine player in the world.

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